Funky Foto Contest Week 92


See that stuff on the ground there…it’s sunlight! Remember that? OK, I’m being too much of a jerk. It just has seemed kind of gloomy the last few days. Maybe today will be better! This weeks question is simply, where is this plaza? A couple of answers will work here. If you’re first to identify it you”ll win a $30.00 gift card to Jack’s Prime in San Mateo…home of the greatest website image of all time. Just click on that link and you’ll see what I mean. I may use the card I’ve got today and just buy you another one! But I digress…the winner along with all other correct answers will not be published until Monday morning. All the rules of this game are available to view on the bar above as well as on the left hand margin. Any and all jokes, quips, barbs and all wrong answers will be published immediately. Have fun and have a great weekend!


  1. Metro Tower, in the Cityhomes townhouse complex

  2. The area behind Safeway. Where cityhome is.

  3. metro center

  4. behind safeway

  5. Foster City Library?

  6. Im just going to guess, is it City Hall?

  7. Behind Safeway at Metro centre

  8. No No I changed my mind…its the Metro Tower!

  9. walkway to the Metro building, behind Safeway.

  10. Visa Building perimeter?

  11. Metro Center

  12. Metro Center – behind the office tower / behind Safeway and CVS?

  13. Plaze between Safeway and Visa/Tower office complex and City Homes complex?

  14. Glenn McEnroe says:

    I think it is the entrance to the office building behind the Safeway/Longs shoppting area

  15. Metro Center.

  16. I think it’s the plaza that is between the Safeway/CVS mall and the Visa building with CityHomes on the other two sides. Would it be called City Homes Plaza?

  17. sandi Polsky says:

    Visa – Metro Center

  18. It is the courtyard behind Safeway, Togo’s and near Vintage Park Drive

  19. Metro Center Area

  20. Front of the Visa building, behind Safeway?

  21. Metro Center.

  22. sandi Polsky says:

    just a note to say my time is off one hourl…it should read 10:28…thanks!

  23. visa building?

  24. Erika Jahnke says:

    Metro Tower

  25. It’s the Metro Tower @ 950 Tower Lane

  26. I’m guessing Metro Center area. And, I’m probably late with my answer again 🙁

  27. Late again! Is it Metro Center?

  28. Probably too late, but is it the courtyard between the Visa building and Metro Center Shopping Center?

  29. near chase bank, safeway complex

  30. Monica Martines says:

    Metro Center heading towards the Visa bldg?

  31. Chris Hsiung says:

    Breezeway connecting the middle of Metro Center to the tall building on Tower Lane.

  32. christina drogin says:


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