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First of all, I just wanted to invite all of you who happen to be addicted to facebook (like me) to become a fan of this blog. Next time you’re on fb go to search and type in and jump on in.

The reason for that addition to the blog family is a technology conference I attended in San Francisco last week that spoke at great length about the power of social media. That video below is filled with amazing facts and there’s no question that anybody in business today who doesn’t pay attention to it is making a serious mistake. I spoke to a friend of mine today who has a blog related to her business as an esthetician, and on which she was marketing an ancillary business selling  jewelery. An attorney for the jewelery company told her to remove a link to it because she didn’t pay a fee to them for using their site and name. Are they completely out of their freaking minds?

Well, in addition to all the fun social media stuff we learned there was a discussion of new websites that can be helpful for small business people. Whether or not these will be actually helpful is debatable but I thought these were sort of fun sounding: You may not believe this but this site lists movies that are currently in theaters and tells you the best time to run pee during those films. It also tells you what you’ve missed while your were gone. I’m not kidding! Click that link! This ingenius site is a voice messaging service that connects you directly with someones mobile voicemail…need to call your mother in law, but don’t really want to talk to her? This is your site!

There’s a bunch of others that have great business applications too, but they aren’t as fun as those two. Anyway, check out the socialnomics video…it’s very powerful!


  1. It’s all techno poop to me!
    What a world!

  2. Jim Minkey says:

    Get with it Larissa!

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