Let There Be Lights-2009

I’m suspending the Foto Contest for the rest of the year and in it’s place we’re going to, once again have a competition to see who has the best light display in Foster City.  Between now and Christmas Eve I’m posting a photo of a Foster City home that out does itself with a light display. This will include condo/townhouses as well as single family homes. This year…all on video! There’s two types of winners for this contest, 1) the homeowner who created these displays and 2) you who will vote on which one’s best. How will that work? From December 24th until Monday December 28 I’ll have a post with all the choices and you can vote for who’s best. The winners will be announced on Tuesday the 29th and will win a $100.00 gift certificate to Turtle Bay Restaurant at the Metro Center. How can you win? All persons voting will be entered into a drawing for another $100.00 gift certificate to Turtle Bay. You win and the light creator wins too! Just to make it a little more fun, since we won’t be voting until all of the photos are published, any comment you make on these photo posts will be considered an entry into the drawing. Also, if you send me a message through the link on the right hand margin that says “Ask me Something, I know stuff” I’ll consider that an entry as well…You can just say “hi” as far as I’m concerned.

By the way, I’ve discovered that I am, indeed, not PC. I use the word Christmas. I’m truly sorry if I offend you, but I will have no problem wishing any and all of you Happy or Merry Kwanzaa, Diwali, Hanukkah, Ramadan…etc. Use of the word “Christmas” by me has no political or evangelical connotation here, although my family and I do indeed celebrate Christmas….it’s simply a fact of life in December.


  1. Nice! Enter me in the contest!

  2. hi! is it just one entry per person, or should we comment on every house?

  3. Jim Minkey says:

    You can comment any time you like. Each comment qualifies as a separate entry into the final award pool.

  4. pretty

  5. I’m liking the Windjammer home!

  6. SteveTinFC says:

    I wonder if there are any that have Santa shooting a puck into the net? Great display on Windjammer, as always. Clark W. Griswold was apparently here! LOL

    Merry Christmas all!

  7. Very Beautiful

  8. Lydia - Jim's Assistant says:

    I don’t have sound on my computer. What is the address of this house?

  9. Jim Minkey says:

    1052 Windjammer

  10. There are some beautiful decorations out there. Do you know of a block full of decorations. I would love to drive by with my kids?

  11. Windjammer rocks!

  12. Thank you Jim! Appreciate you posting these pictures. Wonderfully decorated houses!

  13. All nice. But, Windjammer gets my vote.

  14. Still Windjammer

  15. All of the decorated homes are beautiful! I vote for Windjammer. Thanks for a great contest.

  16. windjammer!

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