Grandma & Grandpa’s House


Is this house just really a house? I suppose it all depends on the kind of “house” you grew up in. We have all heard discussions about what makes a house a home, and again, this can be very subjective. What happens when a home is sold and it is your first Holiday Season thinking about someone else making memories in that home? I am thinking about a very special home this Christmas season. It is the home where I spent every Christmas day for most of my years, and fortunately, my children were able to share in many of these memories.

900 Flying Fish street, my grandma and grandpa’s house. The home was sold this past summer and I was so anxious awaiting the close of escrow. Of course we all know that memories don’t get sold with the house…as memories are all in your mind and in your heart, but that’s much easier said…

Truth be told, I haven’t been able to drive near Flying Fish since the home sold. I actually drove down the street for the first time the other night (happy to say it was in the opposite direction) to look at the eventual winner on his lights contest. Even this was difficult. It is very hard to think about my grandma and grandpa’s house and not envision a large Santa sign on the door which read “The Minkey family wish you a Merry Christmas”, or the lights my grandpa hung so meticulously. Or the best…the 10 or so different types of cookies grandma made which totaled hundreds and hundreds of dozens. The smell walking up the driveway was amazing, but the love and laughter coming from inside was even better. Everyone was always welcome in this home, always.

I wonder all the time what kind of family will live there. Will they feel the love and joy that we experienced in that house? Will they play games until the wee hours of the night? Will there be children who will run back and forth from the path to Gull Park over and over again? Many kids form Foster City ate snacks and lunch that my grandmother lovingly made after play in that park. Of course, those were days when kids could stay in the park all day with no adults and go freely back and forth, but that’s a story for another day…

Houses get sold, people move on, but memories that are built in a home can move with you wherever you go. My children’s memories are now being built in the home my husband and I have made, and also in their grandma and grandpa Minkey’s home. Even though I will always have a difficult time driving by grandma and grandpa’s house I plan to keep the memories alive for my children with the hope that it will move with them to their home someday.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a joyous New Year from our home to yours!


  1. Dana Ferri says:

    That’s a very poignant post! We also are in a Foster City house with multi-generational history. It’s a great town to raise a family in!
    Happy New Year!

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