And The Winner Is…

It’s been obvious for awhile, huh? Congratulations to the Magro family from 999 Flying Fish on a fabulous display! They win a $100.00 gift certificate to Turtle Bay at the Metro Center. Also winning a similar gift certificate was one of you folks who commented…there were 87 comments, “likes” on facebook or e-mails sent to me. The winner here was drawn out of a hat by my lovely and faithfull wife Lesley…and it belongs to a person named Ricky who has yet to reply with his/her full name. (It’s still early after all…and we just pulled the names too). I’ll get back to you later with the full details.

Thanks very much for playing!! This was fun…I hope it was for you too!


  1. Jennie & David says:

    Thanks Jim – this was fun!

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