It’s long been assumed that there is definite seasonality in the real estate market. Every year since I’ve been doing this, things sure seem to slow down right about this time. Typically, folks who are thinking of selling figure they may as well wait until after the new year because the thought of having people visiting their home and holding it open on weekends at the same time they’re planning to receive guests for the holidays doesn’t exactly seem too appealing. Consequently, the market has always seemed to go on a bit of a hiatus in November and December. Usually, this hiatus is really obviously manifested in my office as visits from vendors and attendance by other agents slows down considerably. Lot’s of folks just sort of emotionally check out and come back to life again in January.

2009 has been the weirdest of weird years. Most of us didn’t sell anything until May or so…and then it got very busy! Every escrow was like pulling teeth and the stress level was extremely high. Consequently, I’m kind of liking the idea of slowing down right now. Here’s the problem…I’m not sure the market is cooperating in our usual thinking! Every offer I’ve written in the last month or so has been one of several. Honestly, I went to the Cashin office in San Mateo today to pick up a disclosure packet and discovered that I was one of 8 packets that had gone out on this particular listing this week! So much for slow down! I’ve been hoping that my buyers would have some opportunities during the next month and a half! I’ve heard no less than 9 multiple offer stories in the last 2 weeks alone!

Maybe I’m most bummed because I was sort of looking forward to writing blog posts and coasting the rest of this year. Oh, well!

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