There were some great and interesting comments on that post I did the other day called Sneaking Up On Them. By and large I agree with them too. There is no question that buying a home in this area is unlike any other…probably in the world. There’s also no question that buying anywhere for the first time, and especially in this expensive place is often a terrifying experience. I totally agree. Here’s the thing, I’ve discovered that two truths can simultaneously occupy the same space. It can be terrifying and also an important thing to do.

It’s important to say that there’s certainly no shame in feeling afraid when you’re about to buy your first home…or your 5th for that matter! This issue expands when fear becomes the thing that controls our decisions. I don’t have to look too far for an example here, I just look at my own history. We moved to this area in 1990 and at that time I remember a little 3 bedroom house I saw in San Mateo that was going for $220,000. Somebody I knew said “You should buy that.” Do you think I did? Of course not…I was too scared. I had just moved from Denver, and houses in Denver were selling for under $100,000! 220k seemed like a fortune. A couple of years later another opportunity presented itself on a view home on Georgetown in the Baywood area in San Mateo…it was $350,000. For what it’s worth, there hasn’t been a house sell on Georgetown for under $1,000,000 since 2003…and it was a 2 bedroom 1 bath house that went for $885,000!Again…I was too scared. I probably have 3 or 4 more stories just like that, where fear prevented me from taking the plunge. I finally got it together in 1999 and bought a house, and we did it again in 2004. I’m not complaining, mind you, we live in a great house and I love it…but we sure did miss some opportunities! For no other reason than irrational fear too.

Alot of you probably won’t believe this, but I sincerely believe in the importance of buying a home…and not just because it puts food on my table. I think it’s an important thing for everybody to do. I have no vested interest in what you do as a home buyer, I’m just writing a blog, so when I say that it’s a good idea to get out of your own way and take the plunge that comes from honest self analysis of my own personal mistakes. I’ve sold hundreds of homes in the last 20 years, yet I’ll bet I’ve seen almost as many folks opt out of buying because they couldn’t get past their fear. I sincerely don’t believe that it was ever in their best interest.


  1. ok I just want to clarify that I am not a tortoise. 😛

  2. Jim Minkey says:

    Understood…I’m clear

  3. You never know 🙂 A short sale just showed up in port royal, will it drag down the market?

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