The Library on Hiatus


Foster City’s library is now officially on hiatus while it undergoes a big renovation. It’s going to be closed until the first week in January while it experiences a $900,000 interior remodel. The improvements include new carpets, fresh coats of paint, self-checkout stations and quieter reading and study areas. There also will be a new children’s area, a room for teenagers and a technology bar…whatever that is. Maybe we can order a beer while using the computors? I suspectg not.

The costs are being split between the city, the San Mateo County Library system and the Friends of the Foster City Library. The county is paying the largest share.

If you have a book checked out right now you don’t have to return it until the library reopens on Januray 4. Let’s hope everyone remembers that they have a library book after all that time.

Here’s a little video that the library put together about this event:

FC Library Remodel – 60sec from Foster City TV on Vimeo.

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