Have you ever watched the HGTV show “Real Estate Intervention”? Here’s an episode above…I find this show to be really interesting and true to life. The show uses an agent, by the name of Mike Aubrey, who “intervenes” with sellers that are seemingly in denial about either the value of their home or what it’s going to take to get that home sold.

The clip above is a classic scenario. The sellers here need to move a family member in with them…and hope to sell their existing place and buy a bigger one. They have an offer on another house contingent upon the  sale of their own…and their house is overpriced. HGTV has a nifty advantage that the rest of us don’t. They call up the new owners of recently sold homes and take the subject sellers over to these homes so that everyone can see the comparison/contrasts. As you can guess, the sold comp is bigger, nicer, better than the seller’s place…and sold for significantly less than the seller’s place is listed for. These small facts leave the seller unmoved. The psychology of it all is fascinating…and very true to life!

Rule number 1 for sellers…you have to be objective!! Great show!!


  1. Awesome! I would make a terrible seller!

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