How to Buy a Bank Owned Home

Not too far from reality!


  1. Yikes- I guess we will be renting for longer than we thought!!! Too much truth in that humor.

  2. Meanwhile the number of foreclosures in 94404 reached 109….

  3. Jim Minkey says:

    Eugene…I’m a little dubious of the legitimacy of 109 foreclosures in FC. I’m not sure thats even a cumulative number..all time. On the other hand there’s probably a good blog post coming from that.

  4. That number is from the RealtyTrac –
    I started to monitor this number in January 2009 and since then it almost doubled.

  5. SteveTinFC says:

    Jumping in a little late here, but the RealtyTrac website is interesting. Nevertheless, they are documenting “pre-foreclosures”. One of the “P” symbols on that map is the house of a friend of mine. They are not in foreclosure proceedings. They are “upside-down” since they bought about 3 years ago, and the bank has them on a watch status. But they continue to make their payments are are looking to restructure their debt a little, which is probably why it triggered the “pre-foreclosure” symbol. It is interesting to track that for trends of potential distress, but IMHO, we are nowhere near doom and gloom in this town.

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