Plan B


Well, the City Council slammed the door pretty well on the whole issue of a fourth public school being developed on park land in Foster City the other night. Tons of folks showed up too to express themselves in the process. The idea of Boothbay Park, Port Royal Park and the 15 acre site being used for a new school wasn’t suitable, the council decided. Here’s the Daily Journal acticle on this topic:


It would appear that the location the City would like the discussion moved toward is the area on the south side of Beach Park at Halibut, but there also seems to be quite a large number of issues that need to be overcome before that site becomes “the one”. I’m thinking the School District isn’t going to be too high on this site for all the reasons mentioned in this Daily Journal piece and I’m thinking the alternative ideas of adding square footage to the existing schools is going to get a whole lot more traction going forward. It’ll probably be the fastest fix too. It’s definitely a fork in the road for the 4th school.

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