Flood Zone


There sure seems to be some good news for folks in Foster City about the flood zone changes that sure seemed to be coming from FEMA. It seems that Jackie Speier has sent a letter to FEMA asking that they officially delay the implementation of the new map to March or April of 2011 to give San Mateo time to complete the construction of levee updates needed.

Just in case you missed it, City of San Mateo property owners approved an Assessment district whereby they will be paying the construction costs of the levee improvements necessary to gain compliance. Even if there is some Federal stimulus money coming, they have a structure in place to pay for the improvements anyway through that new district.

Assuming Jackie’s request is granted that should prevent both San Mateo and Foster City residents from having to buy flood insurance. That’s real good news…especially if you live in a condo or townhouse in Foster City!


  1. this is promising news! we couldn’t afford our HOA dues if they went any higher!

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