Falling Into Place


Just in case you missed it…we’re back into a multiple offer market once again. Those darn bad times didn’t really last that long after all. Well, one of the common things that happens in a multiple offer market is, simply, that some folks don’t get the home they want. Sometimes those same folks don’t get the home they want several times! I had clients who once wrote 15 offers over the course of about 6 months without striking oil. It can be very discouraging!

If any of you have ever been down this path you know what I’m talking about. You feel like you’re cursed. Often you come really close, maybe finish second in the home derby, yet it hasn’t happened yet. Sometimes you actually get a place…and then in escrow discover that the home has problems that can’t or won’t be resolved…and you back out and have to start all over again. Sometimes you get a place and then discover, too late, that you have a hurdle with your loan that simply can’t be overcome, and your out again.

I know these painful feelings because I’ve felt them along with every one of my clients that have had to endure them. It’s an ache. Here’s the good news…at the end of all of this stress is always a great home. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen folks suffer in the process, yet ultimately find a home that’s perfect for them. Not just settle for second best mind you, but truly find a home that they love.

Recently I worked with a family who bought a fixer upper in El Granada for a really good price, only to discover in escrow that the property had a significant drainage issue ($30,000) and the seller wouldn’t do anything about it. They backed out as a result and since we had been in escrow for 3 weeks there was a real feeling of sadness that this dream hadn’t come together. Back to the drawing board. Well one week later we ratified on a better house, not a fixer, in a much better location, ocean view all new kitchen, baths, drainage and more space…for about what they would have spent on the other place when all was said and done. Amazing?

It happens like this all the time in my experience. Buying a home is an exercise in patience, in my opinion. If you’re out there and it feels like you’re banging your head against the wall and getting nowhere, stop and take a breath. It’s going to come together. I’ve seen it time and time again.


  1. Does this mean we will see the days of ‘Irrational Exhuberance’ again?

    If so, put me in for five of those Hillsborough mansions. 🙂 JK

  2. Good things come to those who wait!!!

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