A Whole New Ball Game


It sure is remarkable how different the market is right now versus 6 months ago. As I’ve mentioned before, in February there were over 40 single family homes listed  with 3 pending sales. Today there are 20 active single family listings and 9 pending sales. One sort of interesting aspect to these pending sales are the fact that 4 of the 9 are over $1,195,000…all recent sales too. Even more dramatic is the condo/townhouse category with 24 active listings and a whopping 31 pending sales. It’s clearly a turnaround.

Of those single family actives there’s a few that are really interesting and are worth a look.

831 Schooner listed by Jan Majeski of Alain Pinel for $1,138,000. I don’t know what it is about Jan, but she always seems to list spectacular, updated, drop dead gorgeous homes! It’s sort of weird actually! Just once I want to see Jan list a fixer upper…please! This house is really, really nice.

728 Ranger listed by Bernard Accristo, Broker for $1,088,000. This is a pretty interesting house with sort of a fun addition. Sort of modernish. Definitely worth a look.

1402 Leeward listed by Joan Flood of Alain Pinel for $799,000. A single family house, not an REO, at Antigua for under $800,000. OK, it’s only 1470 square feet but that sure seems like a good price to me. I have to admit that anytime I see photos online that don’t include any interior shots I get a little nervous. Still…

839 Lurline listed by yours truly for $1,319,000. OK, it sold already…but it’s my listing and I get to tout it! Plus…it’s gorgeous and it’s on the wide water! (See above pic!) I guess Jan Majeski isn’t the only one who get’s wonderful listings!

It really is a whole new ballgame…homes are selling again!


  1. Congrats that Lurline went pending! We sure are thrilled to be in escrow ourselves! The property on Leeward is excellently priced, and you’re right, the lack of interior photos can be concerning… See you soon!

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