School Daze


Many of you have been really aware of the problem of overcrowding in the local schools, exacerbated by the economic slump that’s forcing plenty of families to move kids from private schools to public out of financial necessity. What we now have is a problem…way too many kids for the existing schools, particularly the elementary schools.

The solution from the school board seems to be the creation of a fourth elementary school in one of four proposed locations, on part of the 15 acre site, at Port Royal Park, on 3.9 acres at the end of Halibut at Beach Park and at Boothbay Park. A big city council meeting is planned on August 31 to discuss the planned sites and, interestingly, there’s folks who are quite passionate about these choices. Particularly Boothbay Park, which has a ground swell of local neighbors who are opposed to developing this location.  They’ve created a website to fight this battle, and will certainly provide some interesting dialog at that meeting on the 31st.

All this without the usual debate about a High School. Schools are, with good reason, a very hot topic and in Foster City where the quality of education and the test scores are consistantly so high it’s not a surprise how passionate folks are. The interesting thing here is how passionate they are about the parks as well!


  1. honestly I think the neighbors there are more concern about how the schools affect their home property price and quietness there rather than about that park…. seriously there are SO many parks in foster city.

  2. Dana Ferri says:

    Steve, wouldn’t a top-notch elementary school right across the street increase those neighbors’ property prices? and it’s only noisy during the day…
    I think Boothbay is an excellent solution. It’s one of the biggest parks in the city (right?). Port Royal is tiny!

  3. I was surprised to see how the entire playground of Foster City Elementary was torn up to put in classrooms. It’s sad to see our kids packed like sardines in their schools. Parks are important to – maybe the school can be built on stilts :).

  4. The argument from is rather weak. It seems to suggest that any other park can be sacreficed for the 4th elementary school, but not boothbay park because of its size, location and amenities. However, its size and location are the very reasons for being ideal for the 4th elementary school. I’d hate to see FC to lose this park. I also think the arguments from show how selfish they are.

    I would still push for the part of 15 acre site to be the 4th elementary school. Not be able to walk to school should not be a problem. Most of people drive to drop off children on their way to work anyway.

    I hope the city can realize how big the issue is and save the other part of the 15 acre site from Mirabella project.

  5. Destroying ANY parks is just wrong. They were built with the intention to draw our community together. If we’re going to start taking out parks to put in “necessary facilities”, what will become of Foster City another 20 years from now? There won’t be “SO many parks” then, would there?

    If there’s a perfectly empty patch of 15-acre or 3.9-acre land just sitting there, why not use it? or better yet, why not just build up? Add a 2nd floor on top of existing schools. I agree the walking to school point is just lame. Elementary kids are so young, most parents are so over-protective nowadays that they prefer to drive their kids to school anyhow.

  6. Jim Minkey says:

    Here’s my 2 cents. Geographically, Port Royal and especially Boothbay work the best. That end of town has no existing school. A school at the 15 acre site puts it 2 blocks from Brewer Island. Secondly, the city likes Mirabella, if it ever happens, because it will produce revenue. A school…not so much.

    A second story to the other schools? Now that sounds interesting…

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