Funky Foto Contest Week 68


Kind of woodsy, huh? Kind of Northern California actually. Doesn’t really give you the typical Foster City vibe in this location so I thought it might be a decent funky foto. The question is…where is this little forest? Today’s winner will receive a $30.00 gift card to Sweet Basil Thai over on Beach Park. All the rules of the road are available to view on the bar above and on the left hand margin. The winner and all other correct answers will be published on Monday morning. Any and all attempts at humor, quips, barbs and all wrong answers will be published immediately. Thanks for playing…have a great weekend!


  1. Leo Ryan Park

  2. Narayanan says:

    This is Ryan Park.

  3. The Amphitheater at Leo Ryan Park.

  4. Leo J Ryan Park

  5. ranjana suresh says:

    This is the park opposite safe way and next to the rec center by the water – the Leo J Ryan Park”

  6. How do crazy people go through the forest?

    They take the psycho path.

  7. Leo Ryan park?

  8. Q. How far can you go in a forest?
    A. Only half way. After that you start coming out the other side.


    Q. What has many limbs but cannot walk?
    A. A tree – of course.


    Q. Why are dogs like trees?
    A. They both have bark.

    Q. Why was the tree laughing?
    A. Because the owl sitting in it was a real hoot!


    Q. Why don’t birds have any money?
    A. Because money doesn’t grow on trees!


    Q. What did the shrub say to the tree?
    A. I am totally bushed!


    Q. Which pine has the sharpest needles?
    A. The porcupine!


    Q. What do you call a baby tree?
    A. A chip off the old block!


    Q. What was Batman doing in the tree?
    A. Looking for Robin!


    Q. What did the patch of dirt say to the tree?
    A. If this rain keeps up my name will be mud!


    Knock, knock
    Who’s there
    Leaf who?
    Leaf me alone!

    Knock, knock
    Who’s there?
    Tree who?
    Tree is more than two!

  9. Jim Minkey says:

    OMG…please! No More!

  10. Leo J Ryan Memorial Park?

  11. guess.. ‘m late.. but it’s LJR park !

  12. Leo J. Ryan park.

  13. This is above the amphitheater in Leo Ryan park, looking out towards the Harbor Cove apartments.

  14. Ryan park

  15. Erika Jahnke says:

    Leo Ryan Park

  16. The photo is in Leo Ryan Park

  17. Leo Ryan Park

  18. Leo Ryan Park?

  19. This is near Leo.J.Ryan Park….just behind the rec center.

  20. and i can see the auditorium too where all the free conncerts take place.

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