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Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 71

Not the easiest one, was it? In it’s location though, I’ll bet you all drive by it all the time. It’s the logo on the Foster’s Landing Apartments between Shell and Foster City Blvd. Congratulations to Nicole Fabris who nailed it first and who wins the $30.00 gift certificate to Otake Japanese at Beach Park […]

Evolution Of Dance

This video is an absolute classic. One of the higest rated youtube videos ever. It’s really fantastic…and very funny. I actually did some of these!

Funky Foto Contest Week 71

The all knowing, all seeing eye! Kind of looks like the old CBS logo…or maybe I’m just dating myself? This weeks question? Where is this eye and what is it a part of? This weeks winner will receive a $30.00 gift card to Otake Japanese Restaurant at Beach Park Plaza. All the rules of the […]

The Plot Thickens

The 25 page agenda packet has been released for the big pow wow scheduled for Monday in which a fourth elementary school will be discussed. It’s kind of tortuous to get through all 25 pages but there’s some interesting stuff there. The attorney has rendered an opinion that “the sale of Boothbay Park to the School […]

Soccer Time

Yes, it’s that time again! The time when kids of all ages in Foster City start their weekly trips back and forth to Sea Cloud Park. Or should I say their parents start their weekly (and in my case, daily) trips back and forth to Sea Cloud Park. We have almost 1100 players signed up […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 70

Good knowledge this week! Way to go folks! Friday’s pic was indeed the Foster City Fire Station on Hillsdale and our winner was Jeff Deeney who brings home the $30.00 gift certificate to Waterfront Pizza. Good job Jeff!. Also arriving with the right answer was Alex O, Manisha, Suresh, Nicole, Narayanan, Michael, Jim S, Harish, […]


OK, this is embarrassing!

Funky Foto Contest Week 70

Sorry I’m late…Sort of looks like a Transformer, huh? At least in my weird imagination it might. So, the question here in week 70 is, what is the place? This weeks winner receives a $30.00 gift certificate to Waterfront Pizza at Edgewater Place. All the rules of the road are available to view on the left […]

So, You Want To Be A Realtor?

For years, friends, clients, friends of clients, family of clients and sometimes even clients of friends have called to ask some rudimentary questions about becoming a real estate agent. Usually we get together and have a nice chat and during that discussion I’ll usually hear the phrase “I think I’d like to try out real […]

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What’s wrong with this picture? Currently, there are a total of 29 active condo/townhouse listings in Foster City. There are 22 condo/townhouse projects in Foster City, yet of the 29 active listings 11 of them are in only 3 projects…Promontory Point, Meridian Bay and Marina Point. That’s 39%. Conversely, there are currently 35 pending sales […]