Letting The Good Times Roll


When I was a kid the 4th of July was a big deal. There always seemed to be a party to go to and certainly a big fireworks event awaited at the end of the day. Particularly into my teen years the 4th also included listening to music…hopefully (but not always!) live music. In retrospect, it seems like my friends and I went to great lengths to listen to rock music as loud as we could and finding a live band was like a quest for the holy grail. I remember one year we saw a band called Firefall at an outdoor rodeo arena in Greeley, CO on the 4th. I also remember that we sat cross legged (because none of us were smart enough to have brought a blanket!) on the venue’s dirt surface and I think I spent half of the concert clearing cow pies away from the area around us. It was charming! I don’t really remember this, but I’m sure we ate hot dogs or something that was vended there. Sounds appetizing, huh? Listening to loud rock music was COOL!

Well, Saturday (the 4th!) brought a paradigm shift. My cousin Jennifer Selvitella, insurance agent and occasional contributor to this blog, had a party at her house in Pitcairn. She had a live band in her back yard called Uncle Fungus that did Doors and Stones covers…and did it pretty darn well too! That’s Jen herself in that picture up there (the blonde behind the bush) singing back up. If you were in the area Saturday afternoon you may have heard them. Actually, if you were at Sea Cloud Park you probably heard them! Come to think of it, you probably heard them in Fremont! They were a little LOUD. None of the old farts there (me included) cared a bit. Plus, you should have seen the food! There was a caterer serving fresh fajitas plus they had crab salad, a great green salad with whole pecans, and Jen’s famous corn and black bean creation. Not to mention about 20 kinds of homemade desserts. It was a tad different from my Firefall experience with the cow pies!

Well, guess what? There were about 20 to 30 kids at this party under age 15. Guess where they were. Locked in the garage watching the Disney Channel! When I opened the door to check on my kids everyone there covered their ears (sort of like my parents did in 1976) and demanded the door be shut immediately. They didn’t like that loud racket, dontcha know! It was much cooler to watch a rerun of “Haunted Mansion” than to listen to Uncle Fungus break down Jumpin Jack Flash. This younger generation are a bunch of boring stiffs…if you ask me!


  1. Yep- the young ones will never appreciate the music we had Jim!! Oh, those concerts!!!

    Great post- what fun you all had!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Sounds like a really fun party! =)
    Jim, I had a couple questions for you, how much is the asking price on 1260 Ribbon, and how come I can’t find it on MLS? Thanks!

  3. Jim Minkey says:

    Hi Michelle;

    1260 Ribbon is actually sold. It went for $875,000. Supposedly, the listings on the right hand margin should be up to date and Ribbon actually is. It’s under the word SOLD. 1044 Fiesta, 15 Violet and 2107 Cedar are sold too…I just haven’t gotten around to moving them under the SOLD banner yet (It’s because I don’t know how and I’m waiting for Lydia to do it for me!)

  4. Michelle says:

    I see. Congrats on selling it then, I thought the
    SOLD referred to the property on Cedar.


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