Funky Foto Contest Week 64


No, the little girl above is not shooting at enemy aircraft! I just looks like she is. This weeks question is quite simply…where is she and what specifically is she a part of. This weeks winner will receive a $30.00 gift card to Cold Stone Creamery in the Metro Center. All the rules of the road are available to view on the left hand margin as well as on the bar above. The winner and all other correct answers will not be published until Monday morning.  Any and all semi humorous, or even humorous jokes, puns or quips will be published immediately. Have a great weekend!


  1. On FCB in front of the PJCC

  2. Oops make that Shell Blvd in front of the PJCC

  3. This is PJCC.

  4. Jeff Deeney says:

    I am not eligible to win but I will say PJCC

  5. Jim Minkey says:

    All of you are close…but no cigar. PJCC is not specific enough, sorry!

  6. Michael says:

    Early Childhood Education Center at the PJCC

  7. Michael says:

    or to be more specific – The K-8 Jewish Day School

  8. OK then, The PJCC school

  9. Nancy Chang says:

    It’s the Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School.

  10. PJCC and part of the Center for Arts and Ideas art piece.

  11. Is it the Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School?

  12. Erika Jahnke says:

    In front of the Ronald C Wornick Jewish Day School with a sculpture of a group of children.

  13. its prolly too late. Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School

  14. Tom Olsen says:

    Wornick Jewish Day School

  15. Hi Jim: I’ll give it a try.
    Where – Corner of Shell & the 1 way street exiting the PJCC.
    What – Girl (along with 3 other figures) are part of the Ronald C. Wornick Day School welcome sign.

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