Coming Back


Single family is not the only category on the comeback trail. Condos/Townhouses are doing pretty darn well themselves…thank you very much. As of today there are 42 condos/townhouses active on the market in Foster City. Way back on April 23 there were 58 active…we’re doing much better! On that date as well there were 15 pending sales, and that was up from 3 in February! Today there are 37 condos/townhouses pending sale. It’s all good.

In this category in particular, where high association dues are such a factor this type of resurgence can’t be ignored. No question, buyers are negotiating good deals and they’re clearly getting off of the sidelines. Here’s a few newer listings for your viewing pleasure:

1020 Helm in Bayfront Court listed by Daniel Berman of Pacific Century for $758,000. This place has an offer date of today on it, so it’ll be real interesting to see if it goes. Fantastic wide water location in this 3 bedroom townhouse. Real nice!

840 Erickson in Winston Square listed by Michael Mendenhall of Keller Williams for $724,888. Nice unit! All remodeled and looking sharp…and don’t forget the $175.00 a month dues. This sold a few weeks ago and the buyers loan fell apart…it’s back.

814 Juno in Isle Cove listed by Sue Dickey of Alain Pinel for $545,000. This is a 3 bedroom waterfront and even though Isle Cove is having it’s issues this seems like a good price to me. Remember, that auction on Canis went for more than this…and that wasn’t a waterfront! This is a good buy!

Remarkably, we now have a short sale at Promontory Point listed for $650,000. There’s a larger unit over there listed for $1,025,000. Pretty amazing…as long as you don’t mind the $835.00 a month association dues. Wild!


  1. What’s the issue at Isle Cove? Assessments?

  2. Jim Minkey says:

    Yep, last I heard it was $42,000 per unit. Dues there are $525.00

  3. $42k – ouch !

  4. There were some Lido lane listing that went quite quick at ~599K. Any feedback on those.

  5. Jim Minkey says:

    OK, new update on the dues at Isle Cove, It’s not official…there needs to be a vote and the 42k is not the final official number. Whenit’s voted on I’ll let you know the outcome.

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