School Daze


Any of you who have kids in Foster City schools right now knows that there’s a certain amount of craziness going on. Most of that craziness involves the fact that there are too many kids for the local public schools to handle and the question has become….is it time for Foster City to add another elementary school?

Foster City school in particular is using a number of portable units and the over crowding is sort of accute. Local groups have been petitioning both the school board as well as the city council to make specific plans for a fourth public elementary school and the idea of using Boothbay as well as other local parks has come up…along with, you guessed it, the 15 acre site/Parkview Plaza. Seems that everybody wants that land for something…except maybe Mirabella. Actually, they want it too…it’s just going to take a little longer to get it.

It seems to me that, all over the Peninsula, families are having a much harder time paying for private schools…and thus there’s a naturally larger influence by kids needing a public school that were not just a few years ago. Who knows if this trend continues or if the economy’s recovery will lighten the burden on the City and the district. Foster City, of course, has no legal responsibilty over the schools…it’s the school district’s area. Here’s a link to the city’s take on this along with a notice that this topic will be discussed this Thursday.:


  1. Sherril says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated on this critical issue, Jim!

  2. Richard says:

    Since Foster City is an island and kids can’t travel alone to San Mateo, we need the school here in Foster City, so kids can attend it, and parents don’t have to drive them very far. Think how hard it’s for parents to daily drive them to San Mateo schools, especially if one ends kindergarten class at 12.45 and another older sibling is at school until 2.45 – that’s 3 trips to San Mateo a day! Back and forth.
    Senior Citizen’s Bastille or school? – I choose school, because Foster City kids are already here.
    I think new High School needs to be built too, because where hundreds great student will go to after the middle school?

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