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Many thanks to blog reader Jessica Morales for tipping me to this story. Last week Forbes magazine came up with a list of America’s Top 25 towns to live well. Foster City ranked #10 on that list. Pretty cool! Oddly enough, we ranked higher than Belmont and Hillsborough, but lower than Mountain View.  It’s all good stuff actually and it was sort of fun to see this ranking. Humorously, while they said plenty of really nice things about Foster City…here were the drawbacks:

“Drawbacks: There isn’t much happening in Foster City. There are plenty of office parks, but it offers few cultural institutions and restaurants.”

I can’t resist mentioning that #1 on Forbes list was Boulder, CO. Home of my alma mater the University of Colorado. I totally agree with that ranking!

Anyway, here’s a link to the Forbes piece. Have fun!

Forbes Top 25 Towns


  1. SteveTinFC says:

    We were talking about this in City Hall the other day. If PJCC’s performing arts center, and the Mirabella / Parkview Plaza project get built, it will help address the two specific downsides above! 🙂


  2. Dana Ferri says:

    Yay for Foster City! 🙂

  3. and no high school!

  4. The reviewers obviously haven’t been to Chevy’s on a Friday night. Culture, restaurant … and that tortilla machine is the happenin’ hot spot.

  5. Forbes used ZoomProspector data to determine this list. Check out the Foster City profile page on ZoomProspector to learn more!

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