Funky Foto Contest Week 50


It’s an auspicious week! The 50th week of the Funky Foto Contest! Plus the big announcement of the winner of the Varbuzz Blog Brawl all on the same day! I think celebrating is in order no matter the outcome. Today’s pic of this cutesy, quaint looking little lane presents the question…where is this? There’s really two answers here but because I’m in such a good mood I’m willing to accept either one of them. This weeks winner will receive a $30.00 gift card to Chipotle over at Marlin Cove. All the rules of the road are available for viewing on the left hand margin and on the bar above. The winner and all other correct answers will be published on Monday morning. Any and all semi zany or mostly funny jokes, barbs, quips and all wrong answers will be published immediately. Have a great weekend!

OK, here it is folks!! We Won!!

2009 National Real Estate Blog Brawl Finals! from Virginia Association of Realtors on Vimeo.


  1. Is this a lane in the City Homes development?
    Good luck on the Blog Brawl. I voted for you.

  2. Erika Jahnke says:

    I believe I am ineligible, but it is Lido Isle on Lido Lane.

  3. Eugene Berman says:

    This looks like Lido Lane Island

  4. City homes.. may be E ct lane or commons lane or cityhomes lane…

  5. This is the portofino lane, Balboa lane or Lido lane… on the islands…

  6. In the Foster’s Landing apt complex ?

  7. In the quaint
    English village of Worcester
    Lived a little red hen and a rooster.
    A coquettish glance
    She acquired in Framce
    Gave him ants in his pants, and he goosed her.

  8. Jim Minkey says:

    Where do you get this stuff? Really bad!

  9. Lido ln 🙂

  10. The Islands?

  11. Congratulations on defending your title, Jim!!!

  12. Jim,
    This is very cryptic puzzle. I searched all over Foster City on the online maps, yet couldn’t locate this place. The closest I could get was my answer of Foster’s landing, but their cobbled stones are square shaped !

    Any clues? (unless someone already guessed correctly)

  13. SteveTinFC says:

    Yeah, baby!! Mojitos all around … congratulations Jim. Now you really have a decision to make, what are you going to do with the “travel dough” you won?? Way to go, Jim. A real testament to the draw you and this blog site have … a blogsite representing a town of 30,000 beat a site representing a community of 410,000.

    I will say, however, that Miamism has a great, clean looking site. May want to take some ideas of what she’s doing over there.

    Congrats, friend!

  14. SteveTinFC says:

    The hint on the photo is the tippy top color of the roofline… (if you can give this away as a tip)

  15. this is the inside road/pathway on bayport complex on catamaran street.

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