Water, Water Everywhere…


As the rhyme of the ancient mariner concludes…but not a drop to drink. Not quite that bad in Foster City but the City Council last night considered approving a new water rate structure that will escalate the cost of water as more of it is used. The idea is to motivate folks to be more conservation minded in the face of drought conditions state wide. Wasting water could now become a pretty expensive issue under this new plan, but conserving will reduce your total bill.

The interesting issue to me will be the new law’s impact on HOA’s in Foster City and I suspect there will have to be a sincere effort by homeowners in the various projects in town to use water more wisely, or suffer increases in monthly dues…and that’s the last thing some of these projects in town need! Some projects are hovering near or are even over $500.00 a month right now. Here’s a link to a Mercury-News story about this topic from Saturday:



  1. SteveTinFC says:

    For your readers’ information, the Council decided that they want to implement a tiered water rate structure, but want to implement it for all customers — residential, HOA’s, commercial, and irrigation customers — all at the same time. Staff is going to do more work in creating rate models for all four customer types in the next several months.

    Also FYI, we do an annual water survey when we look at water rates. Foster City’s water costs are usually near the bottom of all water agencies on the Peninsula. So while I know people are always complaining about the cost of water, know that Foster City’s rates are of the lowest on the Peninsula.

    There’s so much more to say on the this whole issue of water, but I’ll stop there for now. 🙂

    Steve Toler

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