The Finals!


The Finals! How about that! One last vote for all of the marbles (most of which I thought I had lost a long time ago…but that’s another story!). In the Finals we’re matched against quite possibly the best real estate blog in the country…honestly! is a constant source of inspiration for me and Ines is a really fantastic lady. It’s a privilege to have made it this far and to be matched against Miamism. Having said all that…let’s close the door right now. Tiny Foster City Blog against Miamism? It’s Hoosiers all over again! Thanks Folks! Here’s the voting booth:

Finals Voting Booth


  1. SanMatean says:

    can’t wait to vote!! and ask my friends to vote. and post a link to the voting booth on my facebook page. this is so wonderful. go jim go!!!

  2. Now to the final!! Congrats and although I love contests….don’t really like going against colleagues I like. Either way, hope to meet you IRL 🙂

  3. SteveTinFC says:

    Jim — if you win, I suggest you donate the travel money to Rebuilding Together Peninsula, which will put the money to good use in rebuilding homes for low-income families here on the SF Peninsula. That is, the money that is left over after buying a round of Mojitos for everyone!! (Posted this on VarBuzz as well … take the high road, pal!)

  4. Do you get travel money- if you only have to go 30 miles?? Sounds like your opponent would be getting a much better prize. YES- to Steves suggestion!! GO JIM!!!

  5. I see on the Varbuzz site Ines has the “twits” voting for her- well, thats what they are – “twits” voting for Ines instead of Jim!! Of course, when i was growing up a twit was NOT a good name to call someone.
    Technology- it may change- people do NOT!
    : )

  6. Corinne Woolworth says:

    Hope you win Jim!

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