Sweet 16

brawlLydia thinks I forgot…I’m WAY to competitive to forget! Yes, we made it through the first round!! On to the vaunted Sweet 16 in the 2009 Varbuzz Blog Brawl…the winner of which will be crowned the “National Champion” Real Estate Blog.

Your help in this endeavor is most appreciated too! In this round you’ll need to vote 8 times. This time we’re up against Loudoun County, Virginia’s blog locomusings.com and it’s author Heather Elias. Heather won the all Virgina version of the Blog Brawl earlier this year so we’re up against some stiff competition! It’s an outstanding blog and I’m going to need all of your votes to beat them!

Just click on the link below and have at it! Please vote in all Zones to make it count…we’re in the first one, as you’ll see. Thanks folks…here’s the link:

Sweet 16 Voting Booth


  1. Blog Brawlers has provided you a wonderful opportunity for National and viral results!

    Keep up the great work. It does get rewarded

    David Pylyp

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