Pure Excitement


Well…maybe not exactly excitement? What I’m talking about is the pace of home sales in Foster City. As of today there’s two pending sales in town…one of them is with a release clause, meaning the buyer’s will go through with the sale when their place sells. That’s kind of not a sale at all in my mind. That leaves us with 36 active single family listings. It’s slooooowwww out there. When I began to write this the release clause pending was the only one, the other one just just went pending this morning. The good news about that is the fact that I was going to highlight that house as a great bellwether to watch regarding how the market was doing. I figured if this house didn’t sell, nothing was going to! Here’s three to watch:

940 Crystal Court listed by Jan Majeski of Alain Pinel for $1,078,000. This is the one that just sold. It’s stunning and I think it’s priced right. Really nice detail in this place too…and it’s on a big lot. I would have really worried if it didn’t sell.

398 Chesapeake listed by Kim Foster, Broker for $790,500. It’s an REO (foreclosure) that’s in great shape with granite kitchen…etc. A price under 800k is pretty darn low in Foster City and I can’t imagine this being around for long…we’ll see!

756 Coronado listed by Sue Dickey of Alain Pinel for $1,699,000. What an amazing house…but nothing has sold in this range for months. This is now the highest priced house in Foster City. It’s as gorgeous a home as any you’re likely to see. Now let’s see if it sells!

Again, I’m really glad Crystal Court sold. I hope that’s a good sign for us going forward.


  1. Could you have found a cuter picture? sweet!!

  2. Hi Jim

    What was the sale price for the crystal court place?

  3. No inventory updates for March/April?

  4. Jim Minkey says:

    Too caught up with blog brawling, sorry! It’s coming next week…I promise

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