Final Four!!

brawlWell, we’ve made it to the Big Dance…the Final Four! In this round we’re competing with a giant in the blogging world…Matthew Rathbun’s Matthew is also a big contributor at the website This is REALLY a David and Goliath kind of an event folks! Help little old FosterCityBlog triumph over this kind of incredible adversity. I need your vote!

Voting ends on Tuesday morning and only one vote per IP address is allowed…so vote from lots of different IP’s! Thanks folks…I hope you’re having as much fun with this as I am. It’s all great stuff! Have a great weekend!

Here’s the voting booth:

Varbuzz Final Four Voting Booth


  1. Claire Forcier-Rowe says:

    Did you really have to put in writing that Matthew’s site is “a giant”, we now will have to live with that! Matt really is a good guy and just works really hard, I hope he wins in the “David and Goliath” tournament! (I voted for him!)

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