Chinese New Year Festival

OK, I’m sure some of you will get a chuckle out of this but my friends at Foster City Television asked me to host a segment that they produce called “City Snapshots”. It covers a variety of community events and the first one they let me loose on was the recent Chinese New Years Festival. They’re pretty smart…they edited out all the bad parts, which was about 75% of what I did! The FCTV folks (Arlene Shields and Bridget Carberry) are really fantastic and they really did a fantastic job putting this together…and I sure had fun doing it!

City Snapshots – Chinese New Year 2009 from Foster City TV on Vimeo.


  1. Nicely done! I think City Snapshots deserves a link in your sidebar 🙂

  2. It’s actually on the left as a category…do you think it should be on the other side too?

  3. Thanks for agreeing to be our new host! You did a great job. We look forward to having you in many more of these as we move forward.

    (BTW, don’t be surprised in the near future when you walk into Safeway and someone in line tells you “Hey, I know you, you’re that guy on FCTV”. I get it every now and then.)

  4. Excellent job, Jim. I think MNF may need a new host for next season. Get your teleprompter ready!

  5. Dana Ferri says:

    Great job, Jim!

  6. Chris Camper says:

    JIM, you are amazing! keep it up.

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