Boat Park

Now this may very well be the most popular park in town! Every time I’ve been there it’s been busy…people and dogs running amok (so to speak). I’m not sure who came up with this idea but it was a great one! Plus the park is also the home of a boat launching area, thus the official name, but most peolpe call this the “Dog Park”. In addition to the dogs and boats, there’s also a picnic area on it’s 3.2 acre site. Here’s a map:



  1. I never knew this park had a name. Incidentally, you may want to spread the word that the dog park will be closed for renovation for 6 weeks starting in February. Alternative places to hang out with your pooch include Seal Point Dog Park at 1701 East 3rd Ave in San Mateo between Newbridge Ave and Detroit Drive and also and Shore Dog Park in Redwood Shores.

  2. Would have liked to see some cute dog pictures for this one!!

  3. Me too. Hey that gives me an idea. I suggest the cutest pet in Foster City contest!

  4. Kevin Miller says:

    The closure information is correct , Dog Park will be closed from February 2nd thru March 16th.. Foster City City Council has authorized approxamatley $120,000 in improvements that include a new synthtic surface , picnic tables , signage improvments, ligting improvements and repairs to gates and drains. The Foster City Dog Park is recognized as one of the best Dog Parks in San Mateo County

  5. M STOWERS says:

    Does anyone know if this dog park has re-opened?

  6. SteveTinFC says:

    Yes, the Dog Park re-opened on March 16… here’s the link to the press release … .

    Also, the City is planning a ReOpening celebration on Thursday, April 2. Details are here…

    Steve Toler

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