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Trinidad Neptune Catamaran



Drake Pitcairn Windjammer



Well, here it is! Your chance to vote for the best Christmas Lights in Foster City. For closer inspection click on the thumbnails above for a larger view…or click on this link to see the full posts on each house.

By the way, it’s one vote per computor. Any and all comments made here, or on any of the other posts will enter you into a seperate drawing to be held on Wednesday for a $100.00 gift certificate to Turtle Bay Restaurant. All the rules of this contest are availble to view on the bar above. The owner and creator of the best lights display will recieve one too.  All of them are really great and all of these families deserve congratulations! Voting will end Tuesday night at Midnight. Thanks for playing!!


  1. I looooved the Edgewater home!! It was set up very nice, and everything seemed to fit in place perfectly. Some of the other homes looked like they grabbed a handful of lights, threw them on the roof from the lawn and walked back into their house. The Windjammer house wasn’t that bad, I actually would have voted for it if the Edgewater home didn’t have those AWESOME REINDEER!! I mean, come on. Any Christmas-related house NEEDS to have reindeer. And the Edgewater home even had the cool light-up ones that stand on the lawn and slowly move their heads back and forth! Not to mention all the golden, glimerey, and sparkly lights in the backround. GO EDGEWATER HOME!!!!!

  2. Hi, it’s me again everybody. I know i already commented, but I like commenting, so i will do one again. Anyway, VOTE FOR THE EDGEWATER HOME!!! It’s the house that’s the most creative, well-lit, cheerful, magnificent, decorative, Christmas-related, uplifting- Shall I go on? But there is one thing it’s missing:
    YOUR VOTE!!!!!(And some other people’s votes would be nice too.) Just look at those nice little reindeer! Prancer, Dancer, Cupid, Comet, Vixen, Dasher and Rudolph would be so disappointed if you didn’t vote for the Edgewood house! Imagine their sad little faces! Go on. If you picture them cute enough with those big, tear-filled eyes you might just feel enough pity to vote for the Edgewater home. (fingers crossed…)So, the whole point of this comment in case you haven’t guessed it yet, is to

    (Don’t forget those little reindeer…)

  3. Hello everybody, I’m back again! I know. Now you are all thinking, “Oh great! That Julie person submitted another comment on how you should vote for the Edgewood home with the reindeer!” if you were thinking that, you are correct! Congratulations! (Now go sit in the corner for a while.)Anyway, The Edgewood home is the best!!!! and not just “best” as in, “best.” I mean “best” as in B-E-S-T BEST! In fact, “best” is an understatement. (And I’m also getting tired of typing it.)They should invent a word for the Edgewater home that is a combination of the words, wonderful, awesome, and fantastic. The result would be:

    wondersometastic!! (Wow, that’s really fun to say.)

    Yes, the Edgewood home is WONDERSOMETASTIC!! It has shimmery, golden lights all over the house in the background, and yes, it also has those light-up moving reindeer up the walkway. So, VOTE FOR THE WONDERSOMETASTIC EDGEWATER HOUSE!!!! (If you do, you will also be wondersometastic…)

  4. Jim Minkey says:

    Jeez! Sounds like you live there yourself? Except I know you don’t… You’re definitely a real fan!! Plenty of time for voting…until Tuesday night

  5. Hi, It’s Julie again. Well, i wasn’t going to put in another entry, but i just realized that in the comments i submitted, i accidentally put, “EdgeWOOD” instead of “EdgeWATER.” Sorry if i confused you. Well, now i just want to make up for the mistakes i made…

    VOTE FOR THE EDGEWATER HOME!!!!! (The one that’s wondersometastic!)

    VOTE FOR THE EDGEWATER HOME!!!!! (The one with the most lights!)

    VOTE FOR THE EDGEWATER HOME!!!!! (The one with the most wondersometastic lights in the world!)

    VOTE FOR THE EDGEWATER HOME!!!!! (the one you know you want to vote for…)

    VOTE FOR THE EDGEWATER HOME!!!!! (The one you SHOULD vote for.)

    VOTE FOR THE EDGEWATER HOME!!!!! (The one with the cute little reindeer!)

    Well, that is my last comment. it was very fun to participate in this contest, and don’t forget-
    Vote for the Edgewater home!!!!

  6. I was actually going to vote for Edgewater but after reading the above i cast my vote for Trinidad!! ; )
    I like the nativity scene plus all the traditional. You had to see in person to really get it!! Go Trinidad!!

  7. Jim Minkey says:

    Looks like we have some real competition! Neck and neck, so far, with Neptune and Windjammer!

  8. Well, OK I changed my mind. I know that i said that i wouldn’t comment anymore, but I couldn’t help it!!!! It looks like the Edgewater home isn’t doing so well! (eight points behind Neptune and five points being Windjammer!) So, I am going to advertise for Edgewater!!!! GO EDGEWATER!!!! The house with the wondersometastic reindeer and the glowing shimmery light everywhere!!! Also, if you look closely, you can see that there are many light-up wreaths, a Santa, two trains, and angels! GO EDGEWATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m not exaggerating over the number of exclamation points there…)

  9. Hello everybody who is reading this comment. It’s me again, for the sixth time. Anyway, GO EDGEWATER!!!!!!!(Here’s a poem I made to advertise Edgewater home…)

    With the twinkling golden lights,
    the Santa and the trains,
    The wreaths, the angels,
    and the candy canes!
    Vote for the Edgewater home!
    It’s the one with Christmas cheer!
    Especially since it has…
    those cute little reindeer!!

    Yes, i like the Edgewater home that much, so please vote for it!!!! GO EDGEWATER HOME!!!!!!

  10. Hooray!!!! (It’s me again. seventh comment and still going strong…) I just checked the results and Edgewater got another vote!! But, so did Neptune. PLEASE VOTE FOR THE EDGEWATER HOME!!!!!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with hot fudge sauce and peanut brittle, and toasted almonds and caramel!!
    If you are allergic to nuts, then

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with chocolate ice cream and warm fudge sauce and white chocolate chips with a cherry on top!!!
    If you don’t like chocolate, then

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with vanilla ice cream and sprinkles and the most delicious toasted marshmallows in the whole world!!!
    This is really fun, so I’m gonna keep going. I should own my own ice cream store huh?

    If you are into healthy food, then

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with non-fat soy ice cream and organic macadamia nuts with fresh organic blueberries!!!

    if you are into trying new things, then

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with butter pecan ice cream and bacon and oranges!!!
    Okay that one was a little gross, but all I’m saying is to


  11. Whoa!! You got a hand it to Julie! What a cheerleader. Go Girl!! Edgewater all the way!!

  12. Thank you Lesley! I was afraid i was being to over enthusiastic, But I love being over enthusiastic. Don’t forget, VOTE EDGEWATER!!!!! The house with The reindeer, the lights, the Santa, the angels, the wreaths, and the candy canes!!!(Check the background.)The only thing it doesn’t have is VOTES!!! Edgewater Is falling behind!!! NOOO!! Neptune has pulled ahead with 21 votes!!VOTE FOR THE EDGEWATER HOME!!! PLEASE! This is the eighth comment I’ve submitted for the Edgewater home, and if I’m putting this much effort in for it, then it must be good enough to win this contest! So, you should definitely VOTE FOR EDGEWATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please?)

  13. Silver Auntie says:

    My vote goes hands down to Neptune. Those guys have made an enchanting wonderland in the tiny space available for their townhouse. We all can’t wait to walk in their direction, to yet again become mesmerized by the activity and welcoming glow. Each time I walk by and check it out, I see something different and enjoy it all over again. Let’s hope their HOA doesn’t do something foolish and make them stop any future displays. I’m already looking forward to next year’s extravaganza by this Neptune gang, since each year it gets better, if that’s even possible. I think we should all take up a collection to help pay their electric bill for December!!!

  14. Hello everyone who is reading this comment. It is me, Julie again. I checked the votes this morning and Neptune pulled ahead by one point!!!!This is bad! (Well, it’s bad for me and all you other Edgewater people. It’s good for you Neptune believers.)Anyway,


    It seriously has the best lights!! Just look in the background. There are two light-up candy canes on the garage door, three light-up wreaths,(One on the upstairs window and two on the roof.)a Christmas tree,(Yes, even that is made of lights.) Two Nativity scenes, (One in front of their garage and one in front of their window.)A huge light-up sleigh, (On the walkway up to their house.)And the best part, SIX LIGHT-UP REINDEER COMING UP THE WALKWAY AND IN THE BACKGROUND!!(For all of you who have been reading some of my other comments know that i love those little light-up reindeer.)and there’s even more colorful, light-up, cheery objects all over the Edgewater house that’s too small for me to make out what they are. Not to mention the golden lights that are wrapped all over everything and the hanging “icicle” lights over the garage door. So, now that you know that the Edgewater home is the best-lit house, all you have to do is VOTE FOR IT!!!! It’s that simple. Just click on the little circle that says “Edgewater” and you’re all set. (It would also help if you could get some more people to do that too.)

    GO EDGEWATER!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!

  15. Chris Leibs says:


    Great idea for a competition! The houses all look great. It was good seeing you and the girls the other day.

    Happy Holidays,

  16. All the houses look fabulous! Thanks to all the homeowners who put so much time, effort and money into brightening Foster City with Christmas cheer! Happy New Year, everyone!

  17. Wow, I can’t believe there are so many nice homes in FC! I drive by the Edgewater house everyday and think it’s the best, but any of these (except for Trinidad, sorry) will easily give it a run for its money.

    I give my vote to Edgewater just because of its “home street” advantage!

    haha, I think i’m gonna be a stalker now and hit up all these houses and take some proper pics (with my crappy camera) =D

  18. Larrisa B. says:

    Wow- looks like there has been some very serious vote solicitation going on.
    Hope you get some money making real estate business for all your efforts Jim!!

  19. I WISH I lived in Foster City!! Hopefully in 2009…
    I voted for the Edgewater house. I think it’s beautiful!

  20. Based on the voting number change tonight someone obviously CHEATED!!!

    Shame on them!!!!

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