Let There Be Light(s)

And now for something completely different! I’m suspending the Foto Contest for the rest of the year and in it’s place we’re going to have a contest of a different kind. This time we all have the opportunity to vote on the home with the best Christmas lights in Foster City. Each Friday, and maybe Wednesday’s too, I’m posting a photo of a Foster City home that out does itself with a light display. This will include condo/townhouses as well as single family homes. Unfortunately, our camera isn’t perfect when it comes to capturing the full impact of these places, but we’re trying our best! There’s two types of winners for this contest, 1) the homeowner who created these displays and 2) you who will vote on which one’s best. How will that work? On December 29 I’ll have a post with all the choices and you can vote for who’s best. The winner of the best display get’s $100.00 gift certificate to Turtle Bay Restaurant at the Metro Center. How can you win? All persons voting will be entered into a drawing for another $100.00 gift certificate to Turtle Bay. You win and the light creator wins too! Just to make it a little more fun, since we won’t be voting until all of the photos are published, any comment you make on these photo posts will be considered an entry into the drawing. Also, if you send me a message through the link on the right hand margin that says “Ask me Something, I know stuff” I’ll consider that an entry as well…You can just say “hi” as far as I’m concerned.

It’s all a little kooky, I know, but I wanted to try something different plus I wanted to be in the spirit of the season!

This particular photo is of the house at 1101 Catamaran and it’s the product of the Klink family. They’ve really gone all out here, with lots of moving parts and Santa in a little airplane on the roof with a moving propeller! It’s great stuff! Go see it…and have a great weekend!


  1. so far it’s the best!

  2. I know Andrew and Sandy, good people – we take our kids to see the Klink home every year. Always a nice Xmas display.

  3. Dana Ferri says:

    We passed this on our way home from seeing you guys last night, and I had a feeling it would be your first picture! I think it’s the best display in F.C. thus far. But the month is young! 🙂

  4. I’ve seen that house too…it’s great!!

  5. How about if I say, I miss the photo contest! Does that enter me into the light drawing?

  6. Jim Minkey says:

    You’re entered Joe! Even though you’ve never won the Foto Contest anyway!

    At least this way you don’t have to be there right at 9:00AM to have a chance to win.

  7. Will be interesting to see how many people put up a lot of decorations this year. Unless you are a recipient of the big bailout already- who can afford it??

  8. Ahhh, that’s another reminder for me 🙂 I’m thinking of doing a series of Foster City views and these Christmas lights definitely must be included.

  9. Ms. Stickler says:

    Will people vote by sending a comment or are you going to get your brilliant assistant to set up a radio button on the sidebar? 🙂 And will the voting take place on one day only? Can you vote more than once? Can you vote for your own house? Are you accepting nominations for houses and are there only going to be five?

  10. Jim Minkey says:

    Hi Mrs. Stickler. What a fabulous idea about the radio bar! I hadn’t thought of that. Only if my brilliant assisitant wants to. The other way works too. Voting will take place over the entire weekend (I think…this is a work in progress) Certainly you can vote for your own house. Folks can vote as many times as they would like as an entry into the drawing, but only one vote per IP address will be allowed for the ultimate winner. Sort of like the Blog Brawl. I’d be happy to accept nominations! I want the best of the best…if there’s 6 or seven of those in town that’s OK with me. We’ll see as the month goes along.

  11. I was actually going to suggest this idea to you! Great minds…
    I’m excited b/c I want to take my kid to see all of the good light displays this year.

  12. SteveTinFC says:

    I think I may also steal this brilliant idea for something else … and make my FCTV staff go out and film these homes for an entry on the NewsBrief!! 🙂

  13. I like the decorations on this house the best.

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