Let There Be Light(s) 6

OK, we’re in the home stretch! Voting is coming on Friday…so get ready to rumble! Today’s entry is located at 503 Drake Ct and is the product of the Brannon family. The Brannon’s have a front yard made up pretty much entirely of small white stones…so it appears to be snow all the lights and decorations are sitting on. All those bluish lights are very cool too and add a different flavor to the display that works really well with the white stones.

Remember, any and all comments made on this, or any other “Lights” post enters you into the drawing for $100.00 gift certificate to Turtle Bay Restaurant. All the rules of this game are available to read on the bar above too. You can win…the creator of the lights can win too! One final entry is coming on Wednesday…and it’s a good one too! Thanks and have a great week!


  1. I’ve only glimpsed this house while driving on Monterey. Will have to get a closer look now.

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