Let There Be Light(s) 4

So…this is beginning to get interesting! There sure were alot of folks supporting the McCarty/Kempton light show on Neptune the other day. Well now we have another very worthy selection, and this one is a whole lot easier to casually view as well! It’s the house at 1098 Edgewater , just down the street from the Edgewater Place shopping center. It’s the product of the Collado family, and as you can see, it’s fabulous in that old school sort of way. No inflatable stuff, just a ton of small lights…some of which are on the inside of the house and visible through some rather large windows. This is a very strong contender too and is certainly not to be missed!

It’s worth noting that the first two entries in this contest have added to, and upgraded, their presentations since we began. I may just have to re-shoot those houses before the final voting begins as a result! The pressure is mounting and the contestants seem to be getting more and more serious!

Remember, each and every comment placed on any of the “lights” posts enters you into the eventual drawing for a $100.00 gift certificate to Turtle Bay Restaurant…so feel free to engage your friends and family to participate. All the rules of this contest are available on the bar above, but there will alos be a second $100.00 gift certificate that will be awarded to whoever is voted best lights display in Foster City out of the 7 total contestants. Voting will begin the day after Christmas…the 26th and will last until New Years Eve.


  1. Very clean looking – sometimes simple is better.

  2. Check out 107 Cityhomes Lane, I think it is the only one decked out (front and back!) in the complex.

  3. Jim Minkey says:

    One of the cool things about this house is the lights on the inside, visible through those semi circular windows. Those aren’t lights on the window pane itself, but on the far interior wall and they’re visible through them. Pretty cool.

  4. my younger son’s pick of the day….

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