Let There Be Light(s) 3

I really think this display is my favorite. It’s hard to make out all of the details in this photo but it reminds me of some of the animated store windows I grew up gazing at around this time of year. Lot’s of small moving parts, including Santa on a teeter totter opposite some frightened looking Raindeer. All this in front of a townhouse too!! It’s really clever stuff and is well worth a special trip to see it, especially if you have kids!

It’s the product of Jeff McCarty and his wife Kim Kempton and it’s located at 747 Neptune in the Edgewater Townhouses. You’ll need the map on this link above for sure if you’re going hunting for it because it’s a little tucked away and it’s not visible from any major streets outside of this project. This one may also require that you hurry to see it, as some folks from the HOA are beginning to make a fuss about these lights conflicting with the CC&R’s. I hope they’ll make it through the month. It’s really, really cute stuff!

Remember, all the rules of this contest are available to see on the bar above. Any and all comments placed in this, or any of the other “Let There Be Light(s)” posts will qualify as an entry into the drawing for $100.00 gift certificate to Turtle Bay Restaurant. Voting will also take place as to which entry (there’s 7 of them) is the best lights display in Foster City 2008. Feel free to comment early and often as each comment will be thrown into the hat. Thanks folks!!


  1. Kim Kempton says:

    Yes, our lights are still there at 747 Neptune Lane. We have a special meeting scheduled with Scrooge….I mean the HOA. We have a great back-up plan so we will still be going no matter what the outcome.

  2. Hi Kim

    Looks great!! Keep up the good work! We are all routing for you. Will drop by to see the lights this weekend.
    Just curious, what effect do these displays typically have on energy bills?


  3. Yippee, my neighbors! 🙂

  4. These are my neighbors and I love it! I hope they don’t have to take it down. My new favorite addition this year is the Santa and reindeer on the see-saw.

  5. Jeff McCarty says:

    Hello all,

    This one has my vote this year, although I may be a bit biased. I really enjoy this time year and putting up my light display, it brings out the child in me. It really makes me happy to see the smiles and looks on the children faces when they come by to see the lights. Some of my most vivid childhood christmas memories was the light display my father put up every year and I hope that my light dispaly brings the same spirit of the holidays to others.

  6. Jim Minkey says:

    Great job Jeff!! I’m curious too, how much extra is your PG&E bill in December?

  7. Kim Kempton says:

    Jim, thanks for the posting. We really enjoy The Holidays and are happy to share with all our neighbors and their families.

  8. Jeff McCarty says:

    Hi all,

    Overall with upkeep of the lights, display material and PG&E this will cost us between $ 450 and $ 500 this year. Our December and January PG&E bill is twice as much as it normally is for the six weeks this display is up each year. Thanks Jim

  9. Good luck with the HOA !

  10. Kempton McCarty says:

    My Daddy’s lights are the best, and I hope they will win!!! This is my vote for sure. Bubba’s rule – go Daddy

  11. Kim Kempton says:

    Had our meeting…the jury is still out. They will respond via mail, so that should give us plenty of time .

  12. Kyra McCarty says:

    I love our Christmas lights tradition!! Each year we get one of two new pieces for our display. This year our new pieces are the elephant with the moving ball and the Santa and elf teeter totter. We also maintain the iscicle lights and the candycanes every year. My favorite of the entire display is the polar bear and the singing inflatable snowglobe has a close second. Can’t wait to see the other displays but this one is definately my favorite!!!

  13. Cori McCarty says:

    My dad works very hard every year to put up these christmas lights, and I love it. It has a beautiful outcome every year,and is great for the community. I look forward to this part of chirstmas every year, it is one of my favorite parts! I love the lights! GO DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Took my kids to see this last nite – they loved it !

  15. danielle enderson says:

    These folks really go out every year with their decorations. I travel from Belmont just to check it out. It would be a shame if their HOA makes them remove some or all of their decorations. It is hard work getting everything just right so I applaud Jeff and Kim for their Christmas spirit!!

  16. SSaniewski says:

    Every year, I look forward to the McCarty’s display, and this year I was even lucky enough to be there for the Clark Griswald moment where the whole display was lit up for the first time (Jeff’s lights worked though, haha!).

    The McCarty’s light display has become part of my family’s Holiday tradition, and we would be really dissapointed if the HOA forced them to reduce it, or take it down. One of the things that really moved me was when another of our neighbors had family in from the far east who took photos of the display to take back home to show people there how we celebrate Christmas.

    Isn’t that what Jeff & Kim’s display, and all Christmas displays are all about; Sharing the joy and love of the spirit of the Holiday season? As Jeff mentioned in an earlier post, there is considerable expense and a great deal of labor that go into something like that, and for the HOA or anyone to turn the McCartys sharing those gifts with the Foster City community into something negative would be pretty darn “Grinchy” if you ask me.

    Thank you Jeff, Kim, and the McCarty girls for your display. I hope that it can continue to be a tradition for the entire Foster City community for many years to come.

    Stan Saniewski

  17. Heather Anne says:

    I love the McCarty display and my holiday season would not be the same without it. My daughter talks about it months before they actually put it up. It is exceptionally upsetting that some Scrooge would complain about something they work so hard on, espicially because they do it for others to enjoy.

    I do know that I wil be grateful to have the display around as long as possible and hopefully anyone who is trying to have the display taken down will try to have a little more Christmas spirit.

    It rocks!!! From Heather Anne

  18. The neighborhood would not be the same without their display. When the McCartys first moved here and started putting the lights up, it really brought out the spirit in alot of us. Most of the neighbors followed suit and were inspired to put their lights up also. I am so grateful that they started this tradition in our neighborhood. Hopefully peoples complaints wont ruin it for all of us.

  19. McCarty Christmas lights are the best by far!!!!! I hope you guys win the Turtle Bay gift card because yours is the best by far. And my kid works at Turtle Bay and I know you will love it there!!!! Love Nana

  20. Dana Ferri says:

    So far, so good… the lights are still up! 🙂

  21. I love this house. This is the best house on the block. I love the spirit of Christmas within the house and household. What happened to the rest of the neighborhood. I wish every house was like this one in all of Foster City and beyond. Everyone should follow this guys lead.

  22. Christina "Ol Village Girl" says:

    This is one of the things I miss from living on Neptune. The McCarty House all lite up at Christmas brings special Christmas memories we celebrated in the “Village”. We got the chance to see it this year in person and it gets better every year!The kids all love it and it’s a Christmas tradition!Great job Jeff and Kim!

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