Let There Be Light(s) 2

OK, I’ve managed to reduce down the number of potential winners in the lights contest to a total of 7 places. All of them are very, very good too! The photo’s will run twice a week with the last one being published the day after Christmas. All of the rules of this contest are available to view via a link on the bar above. Remember, any and all comments you make on any of these seven posts enters you into the drawing for the $100.00 gift certificate to Turtle Bay Restaurant. If you write 10 comments, or send me 10 e-mails through that link on the right hand margin titled “Ask Me”, you’ll get 10 shots at the prize. Voting will take place in the last week of the year to see which home will be crowned best lights in 2008. That homeowner will also win a $100.00 gift certificate to Turtle Bay.

Today’s fabulous light show is located at 547 Trinidad and is the product of the Cave family. It’s really fantastic and features lots of well displayed painted images. There’s a nice stream of blinking lights that descends from the roof into the front yard that makes this house stand out from a long way off. The house is a waterfront and I didn’t see it from that side, but I’ll bet it presents well that way too. Great stuff!


  1. Nice house. Does that qualify me?

  2. Jim Minkey says:

    Yep…you’re in

  3. Have you seen the house on Edgewater, I believe it is 1098 Edgewater Blvd? It brings a smile to my face every year!

  4. Jim Minkey says:

    It’s coming up next week! Yes, it’s really great too!

  5. It’d be nice to know the blocks in which we can see multiple houses.

  6. Jim Minkey says:

    Lesley, my wife, was commenting last night that there sure are not alot of neighborhoods with a preponderance of lights this year and she attributed it to the economy. We did see alot of lights, however in the area around Lurline, Chrysopolis, and Constitution. Who knows why. Port Royal around Cumberland was pretty good too. Wait until you see Friday’s…it’s hidden and is a MUST see for your kids!

  7. Dana Ferri says:

    Hmmm, Friday… might that be MY street?? 😉

  8. Jim Minkey says:

    Yes, but is it still there? I hear the HOA cops are cracking down.

  9. Dana Ferri says:

    Yes, it is still there for now. There is a board mtg on Friday night to determine if the display can stay.

  10. there are more lights up now.. and a giant santa on the roof!
    ps. if you get colse enough, you can here the lights sing!

  11. yeah, 547 Trinidad has a lot more lights up than in that picture. I think the side yard is a part of the decoration too. The decorations look very similar, and the fence reaches outpast the side yard.

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