Killdeer Park

Killdeer Park is a very busy one almost everyday, thanks to the fact that it’s located right next to Audobon School. It’s located between Sandpiper Ct, Killdeer Ct and Stilt Ct. It has this kind of unique sandpit with a fish sculture in it that’s pretty interesting. Nice large open grass area too. Here’s a map link:



  1. SteveTinFC says:

    If I was a betting man, I’d bet the seal makes a future episode of the Photo Contest. Just saying…

  2. Kevin Miller says:


    Steve Toler refered me to your site , I am the Director of Parks and Recreation in Foster City and appreciate your insights and highlights of the Foster City Park sytem. I have found that Foster City residents take great pride as well as enjoyement in their park system. The staff of the Parks and Recreation Department is committed to maintaining to the highest standard that system. I will continue to monitor your sight for comments and critique of Foster City Parks

    Kevin Miller

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