And The Winner Is…

I have to say, no matter how you look at it, we had one heck of a contest! I’m not all that sophisticated when it comes to all this technology and how to use and abuse it, but I understand Larissa’s comment last night because it sure did seem like a whole lot of votes, suspiciously, came in last night for Neptune! The truth is, I really don’t know if there was cheating or not. I personally couldn’t figure out a way to circumnavigate this application…although I have no doubt that it’s possible. Here’s what I do know. Since Friday the blog had 2401 page loads, yesterday alone we had 820! Again, yesterday alone the blog had 431 unique visitors. That’s by far and away the largest number ever on the blog. With that many unique visitors to the blog the numbers on the contest could easily be accurate. I also know that a blog reader posted a link on facebook encouraging voting for Neptune and several people came through that site.

The Neptune story was actually a really great one too and these folks had plenty of supporters since they were under pressure from their HOA about having these lights at all. So I’m glad to announce that the winner of the 2008 Lights contest goes to Jeff and Kim at 747 Neptune. I also want to give heartfelt credit to the Wenzel  family at 515 Pitcairn for fighting the good fight! You guys did an amazing job as well with getting out the vote and my hat is off to you!! Great, great job!! Thanks also go to all the other participants in this contest. Every house was tremendous and it was a real pleasure to see the work you all put into this!

As for the drawing, each name for all who commented on the Lights posts were written down on paper and put into a hat, and from which a winner was drawn by none other than my wife Lesley. The winner is…Patricia Chu of, where else, Foster City! Patricia was one of 114 entries into a pretty big hat! (actually a big pot) She beat the odds, particularly against young Julie Olsen, the Edgewater house fan, who had 39 entries, (I only published 10 of her comments). Sorry Julie, but please try again next year!

Thanks again to all who played and participated this month!!! Congratulations to the winners!! Have a Happy and Safe New Years!


  1. Yay for our neighbors on Neptune! I think we’ve just upped the ante though. Next year is going to be HUGE! 🙂

  2. Wondering if there is a contest for 2009.

  3. Jim Minkey says:

    Yes Yasu…it’s coming soon!

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