Shad Park

Shad Park is another of those slightly hidden little gems in the middle of a neighborhood. It’s bounded by Bluefish, Shad, Tarpon and Marlin and features 2.1 acres of space that includes a basketball court, kids play structure and a picnic area. I really think parks like these are a great idea and they really are few and far between on the Peninsula. The neighborhood known as “The Lanes” in San Mateo has essentially the same motif, but Foster City has more of them. Here’s a map link:




  1. SteveTinFC says:

    My doggie gets walked through the park at least 5 days a week … and yes, we always pick up the p%%p!! Shad is another example of the planned community that is Foster City … all these neighborhood parks nestled among the single family homes. Kids and young adults alike use this park a lot for pickup basketball games, which was resurfaced by Parks & Recreation recently.

    And what’s more, there’s a home that is selling on Ribbon Street right now with a certain blogger’s picture on the front. You, too, could live within a baseball’s throw of this lovely park! LOL!

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