Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 31

It, indeed, is Parkside Towers. Formerly the Inktomi “Mausoleum”, and now almost full up with tenants…most of whom were mentioned by a number of you! Great job everybody! Both Steve Toler and Ed Batac were there with the correct answers within a minute or so freom my posting the picture…but Steve got there a fraction sooner and thus wins the $30.00 gift certificates to Round Table Pizza. Also answering correctly this week were Alex, Boom, Ryan, Haber, Asif, Dana, Richard, Erika, Patrick and Jessica Schackne. Thanks for playing you guys! Come on back thie Friday when we do it all over again!


  1. Come on- make them a little more challenging- they are just tooo easy for us brilliant folks from Foster City!!

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