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Funky Foto Contest Week 33

Happy Halloween Folks! For those of you who are unaware of this Foster City has a really fantastic Halloween party for kids of all ages, commonly referred to as “Halloween Safe Streets”. If you have kids you’re probably going there already, if not check it out just for fun…and if you live on those streets, […]

Epidermolysis Bullosa

Nine years ago our daughter Christina was born with an extremely rare genetic skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa , or EB for short. EB essentially is a condition whereby these kids are born without a protein that all the rest of us have that allows us to absorb friction. Because of this inability Christina, and other […]

Chow Hound

OK, I have to say right here at the outset that this post is a bit of a rant.  A buddy of mine told me a week or so ago about a new burger joint that opened in San Mateo on El Camino, in what used to be a hubcap store, called Jacks Prime. I’ve been […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 32

The Foster City gallows, said Mr. Toler. I wonder how many kids (and teachers, staff..etc) could relate? Actually Audobon is a great school and Friday’s foto showed a portion of it’s auditorium. In no way should it be construed as similar in any way to a place for torture and cruel and unusual punishment. Steve got […]

Boothbay Park

Boothbay Park is one of Foster City’s biggest, with 11.21 acres of just about everything. A ballfield, tennis courts, great kids play area, basketball court, volleyball court, a covered picnic area and lots of large open green space. It’s located at Edgewater and Boothbay. It’s a real popular place on the weekend! Here’s a map […]

Funky Foto Contest Week 32

I’m not sure how to even make a joke out of this…maybe I ought to just play it straight for once? I have no doubt many of you have seen this building, from time to time, on daily basis. The question is…what it this place? This weeks winner receives a $30.00 gift card to Boston Market in that […]

Thin Air

Maybe the most effected price range right now in the Mid Peninsula is the range beginning at $1.3mil and going up. When I say the Mid Peninsula I mean Foster City, San Mateo, San Carlos, Belmont, Redwood Shores and Redwood City. In those areas right now there are 115 single family homes actively for sale […]

An Order of Optimism

Since September 15, when Lehman went belly up and AIG got bailed out and the stock market started it’s decent, there have been 15 properties sell in Foster City. I personally know of 4 properties in Belmont and San Carlos that had multiple offers and went over asking in the last two weeks. We’ll see […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 31

It, indeed, is Parkside Towers. Formerly the Inktomi “Mausoleum”, and now almost full up with tenants…most of whom were mentioned by a number of you! Great job everybody! Both Steve Toler and Ed Batac were there with the correct answers within a minute or so freom my posting the picture…but Steve got there a fraction […]

The Bay Trail

I have to admit that when I first looked for some info on the Bay Trail I was surprised to learn how very extensive it is and how much of San Francisco Bay is covered by this trail. (Almost all of it!). Check out this map… BayTrailMap  Certainly, the Bay Trail is an integral part of […]