Say What?

I was reading comments and questions on several real estate aggregator sites in the last few days and it made me think of some of the questions that I’ve received over the years. My response internally has typically been “say what?”. Here’s some actual examples:

Hi Jim, I got your name from xxxxx and I’m contacting you to inquire about purchasing a home in Northern California. We currently live in Georgia and will be relocating later this year. What I’m looking for is minimum 4 bedroom, but preferably 5 bedroom, home on at least an acre with a pool and either an ocean or Bay view. We’re qualified to a maximum of $500,000. Please let us know how we can best proceed.

Maybe the best way to proceed would be to stay in Georgia? We had a fairly painful conversation in which I broke the news that $500,000 would probably get them a 2 bedroom condo. I’m pretty sure they never moved to California.

Hi, I’m interested in a single family home, minimum 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths in the Mid Peninsula with a large back yard up to $350,000.

Maybe they should consider Georgia too? I saw this one online yesterday. I’d be interested in this place too.

We are only looking for a house that is in Pre-foreclosure ranging from about $600-$950 a month. A house that we can just take over payment with no down payment. A house with no more than 130,000 owed on the loan. A house with at least 2 bed 2 bath.

If this place existed there would be 3000 people interested in it…who isn’t interested in this. The reality here is that if this is out there you would be taking advantage of somebody badly by buying it like this. Any person in this situation could rent the place out and cover themselves easily. I couldn’t sleep stealing a place like this.

Hi.  We’re are planning to place a bid on a home soon, without using a realtor. Does anyone know of a real estate expert who would help us write up the bid, or at least take a look at it to make sure we’ve covered everything? thanks!

I’ve looked at hundreds of offers over the last 18 years as a listing agent and never once was the offer written buy a non agent buyer doing their own thing. The whole idea scares me to death…I can’t imagine the liability! I assume these folks figure they’ll leverage the commission to their own advantage in a negotiation. I know real estate agents that have been around for years that don’t know what they’re doing. So what if the initial contract is OK…what about the escrow, contingencies, inspections, deposits and all of the disclosure obligations. There’s some bad realtors out there…but there’s also lots of really good ones. It’s a good idea to use one.

Perspective is a funny thing, huh? I know that I often think I have a clue about things when I don’t…but I’m pretty sure I have a clue about these things. Kind of funny though.


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