Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 28

It was, in fact, a pretty easy one for alot of you, huh? Friday’s foto was indeed a shot of the tower at Brewer Island School on Polynesia. Congratulations go out to Edna Chin who nailed it early and won the $30.00 gift card to Chevy’s. Great job Edna! In addition I feel like honorable mention should also go to Claudette Main who consistantly plays and always seems to be just a little late with the right answer…this time 2 minutes late. Sorry Claudette!! Keep trying! In addtion to Edna and Claudette we also had correct answers from Kali & Shane, Nicole, Asif, Anu, Richard, Patrick, Eugene Berman, Yen and Angela Vermeer. Thanks folks! Great job! I want to give a little plug to Eugene Berman, a first timer, who linked his photography site’s URL with his answer…he’s really great! I added his link to the local blogroll on the left hand margin, or click right here, Western Lights Photo. Hope to see you all again this Friday!

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