Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 25

There was kind of an unnecessary hint on Saturday when we ran that Catamaran Park post, huh? I used a couple of pics taken from this bridge…and yes, it is the Shell bridge. First to answer was the ineligible Anu Ramesh, but congratulations go to first time winner Sindhu Gollamudi who chimed in with the right answer minutes later. Sindhu wins the $30.00 gift card at Baha Fresh in Parkside Towers. Also coming up with the correct answer was Edna, Nicole, Bill Hastings, Richard, Alex O (check out Alex’s unique and cool way to answer!), Ed, Erika and Meera…AKA Drink More Water. Thanks you guys! Good job! We’ll be right back here again this coming Friday for more of this craziness. See you soon!

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