Funky Foto Contest Week 27

This week I’m going to offer a little hint…I’ve used this place before on this blog. The thing is, it’s SO famous to me that it’s worth using again. This may not be the last time either. Here’s the catch…I want to know what kind of fish these are in addition to where they are. The little catfish lingering on the bottom doesn’t count…it’s the other ones we’re talking about here. Actually, with those open mouths they sort of remind me a little of realtors during Tuesday’s broker tour looking for free lunches. (I should speak for myself!) Anyway, all the rules of the road are available to view on the left hand margin as well as on the bar above. This weeks winner will receive a $30.00 gift certificate to Waterfront Pizza at Edgewater Place. I won’t publish any correct answers until Monday morning but any and all smart alecky remarks, semi funny to funny jokes and all wrong answers will be published immediately. Have at it…and have a great weekend!



  1. flounder in abc seafood?

  2. Nice try MJ…but No. Keep trying!

  3. Live carps (?) at Ranch 99.

  4. Jihwon Chang says:

    It looks like ABC Seafood. The fish I would guess is Tilapia

  5. Tilapia at 99 Ranch?

  6. It must be Ranch 99, but I have no idea what kind of fish.

  7. I believe that they are tilapia at Ranch 99

  8. For a minute I thought maybe Tilapia was synonamous with the species in the pic…but it’s not. They really do look alike though.

  9. I think they are salmon at ranch 99.

  10. tilapia at Marina Food

  11. carp at Marina Food

  12. cod at Marina Food

  13. carp or cod at Ranch 99

  14. Gloria with a shotgun approach to the answer. These were wrong, sorry

  15. Sliver Carp at ranch 99

  16. I’ll try again – Milkfish at 99 Ranch

  17. Now that’s a noble effort Michael! I had to look up Milkfish on Google…sorry, no, Milkfish wasn’t it. We visited Australia a few years ago and went to a seafood restaurant one night…there wasn’t a single species of fish on the menu that I was familiar with! I ate Dory…and that was before “Finding Nemo”, otherwise my kids wouldn’t have allowed it.

  18. Let me try again. Strip Bass in ranch 99

  19. Sea Bass in ranch 99

  20. The top of the tank is a bit confusing and may be throwing me off, but my guess is:

    Rock Codfish at Mr. Fong’s Restaurant (Edgewater Shopping Center).

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