Farragut Park

Farragut Park has a nice broad expanse of open grass area, bounded by some trees that sort of make it the perfect touch football playground…at least that’s how I would have seen it when I was 13 years old or so. It’s a really comfortable space and it has a really nicely maintained playground for the kids. It’s located at Beach Park and Farragut (where else?) Here’s the Google link:



  1. Which parks in F.C. allow/are best to accomodate jumphouses?

  2. Now that’s a really good question…don’t those need an electrical outlet? If that’s the case probably the bigger parks. Leo Ryan or Sea Cloud. I’m just guessing. Maybe we can get Mr. Foster City, Steve Toler, to chime in?

  3. I believe jump houses are only allowed in Boothbay Park and Leo Ryan Park. I know they’re not allowed at Catamaran. Beyond that, it’s not quite my baily-wick. Best bet is to call the Recreation Department at 650-286-3380 and ask for Bob Koehler, Facilities Coordinator in charge of park rentals, or e-mail him at BKoehler@fostercity.org. Bob’s a great guy and will help you find the right place to house your jumpy-jump party (as I like to call them!).

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