Erckenbrack Park

Located on Niantic between Polynesia & Balclutha it’s one of several waterfront parks that include a beach. About 3 and a half acres with a water exposure facing east. The Geese are kind of fun too.



  1. How did you get all four swings to swing like that? Or do we have ghosts? 😉

  2. That was Lesley’s idea…sort of artsy!

  3. whoa! you sure missed some great opportunities here not using these as friday funky phoots. in addition to your biology quiz you might have switched to a botany theme and asked the latin name for the species of tree, or the source of the tanbark under the swings. you’ve got a smart audience here. i think they need a bigger challenge!!!

  4. Hmm…now there’s an idea!

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