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Took me awhile to upload this little gem! I finally figured it out. Anyway, here it is! Just press that little button down ther below and you’re off and running.



  1. Lydia - Jim's Assistant says:

    BTW – For anyone who made the same mistake I did, Jim’s definition of “that little button” is NOT the giant picture of the microphone, but the tiny little grey arrow below it. Loved the podcast when I figured out how to listen to it.

  2. Hi Jim,

    Can you comment on the big power lines in surrounding Foster city?

  3. I’m confused by it to tell you the truth. Here’s a link to a blog on the subject that suggests there is in fact a danger:

    Here’s another link that says there’s no danger:

    I’ve known real estate agents that have paid for tests to determine if there was radiation or alarming levels of electromagnetic energy emitting from them on listings they had that were directly underneath them…and those tests came out just fine.

    I know this however…if they’ll make you uncomfortable don’t buy under them. The same thing applies to sloping hillside lots, waterfronts, high traffic streets…etc. You’re the one who has to sleep at night. It’s perfectly OK to wait for the home that fits your criteria.

  4. Jim — the title of this post says “Liquifaction”, but in the podcast I didn’t hear you address that head on. I heard the concept of the soil salinity and its impact on foundations, but not the liquefaction concept.

    If that’s a question you ever get, the City had some pretty harsh words for the USGS when they published a report in 2006 that Foster City was going to turn into a pool of goo in a large earthquake. What they failed to address in their report is that the landfill in Foster City was “engineered” in a way to mitigate that issue. There’s a post on the City website that was a press release that addressed the issue. Go to to see that if you or your bloggers are interested.


  5. Actually I did take that one head on back in February…here’s a link:

    Also, where does the title say Liquifaction?

    P.S. Nice foto today!

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