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Condo Townhouse Inventory-September

Street Address List Price Orig List Price DOM Status Beds Baths Bldg SqFt 720 PROMONTORY POINT LN #2207 1200000 1299000 161 A 3 2 1/2 2264 720 PROMONTORY POINT LN #02109 959000 999000 160 A 3 2 1/2 2264 1 BINNACLE LN 848800   58 A 2 2 1/2 1730 20 DORY LN 839000   […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 28

It was, in fact, a pretty easy one for alot of you, huh? Friday’s foto was indeed a shot of the tower at Brewer Island School on Polynesia. Congratulations go out to Edna Chin who nailed it early and won the $30.00 gift card to Chevy’s. Great job Edna! In addition I feel like honorable […]

Ketch Park

Ketch Park…kind of a funny name. I always thought it sounded more like a command than a park name, but what do I know? Ketch Park has 1.6 acres and is located at the end of Topsail and behind Ketch Ct. Like all of these Foster City parks it’s really well cared for and clean. […]

Funky Foto Contest Week 28

Looks sort of like a lighthouse, huh? Except for the lack of an actual light I suppose. Anyway, the obvious question…what and where is this? I have no doubt that for alot of you it’s real familiar. This weeks winner will receive a $30.00 gift card to Chevy’s over at Edgewater Place. Just place your answer in […]

Single Family Inventory-September

Street Address List Price Orig List Price DOM Status Beds Baths Bldg SqFt 100 FLYING CLOUD IS 2275000   48 A 3 3 3382 159 FLYING MIST IS 1980000   92 A 5 3 1/2 3691 602 PORTSMOUTH LN 1498000   53 A 5 2 1/2 2540 350 STAYSAIL CT 1399931   18 A 4 […]

The Big Chill

So, I went out for lunch today and dropped off a movie I had rented at Blockbuster and in spite of the fact that it’s been in the mid 80’s around here, and I’m wearing a short sleeve shirt, it sure feels cold to me. I’ll bet it does to you too. Icy actually. That […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 27

It’s Carp. Not a fish I eat everyday…but hey. The photo in Friday’s shot came from 99 Ranch Market in Marlin Cove too. We had some really terrific trys on Friday and I truly commend you folks! This week’s winner is Rowena Batac who wins the $30.00 gift certificate to Waterfront Pizza in the Edgewater […]

Erckenbrack Park

Located on Niantic between Polynesia & Balclutha it’s one of several waterfront parks that include a beach. About 3 and a half acres with a water exposure facing east. The Geese are kind of fun too. ErckenbrackParkGoogleMap

Funky Foto Contest Week 27

This week I’m going to offer a little hint…I’ve used this place before on this blog. The thing is, it’s SO famous to me that it’s worth using again. This may not be the last time either. Here’s the catch…I want to know what kind of fish these are in addition to where they are. […]

Keeping The Conversation Lively

Foster City Planning Commission – Traffic Study from Foster City Television on Vimeo. Isn’t it interesting that for every action, there truly is an equal and opposite reaction? It would appear that along with the proposed new developments in Foster City is also coming opposition to that growth. There’s a website called Save Foster City that’s expressing […]