Walkable Neighborhoods



I’ve always thought of Foster City as a great town to walk in. First of all it’s flat (kind of important!) and it has lots a wonderful parks to walk in, around and through. It also has that terrific Bay Trail with those amazing views too! Well this week I stumbled upon a pretty interesting new website that gives a “walk score” for every community and for any address in that community. It’s called WalkScore.com

WalkScore.com defines walkable as:

  • A center: Walkable neighborhoods have a discernable center, whether it’s a shopping district, a main street, or a public space.
  • Density: The neighborhood is compact enough for local businesses to flourish and for public transportation to run frequently.
  • Mixed income, mixed use: Housing is provided for everyone who works in the neighborhood: young and old, singles and families, rich and poor. Businesses and residences are located near each other.
  • Parks and public space: There are plenty of public places to gather and play.
  • Pedestrian-centric design: Buildings are placed close to the street to cater to foot traffic, with parking lots relegated to the back.
  • Nearby schools and workplaces: Schools and workplaces are close enough that most residents can walk from their homes.

    Interestingly, most of Foster City doesn’t fare too well within their criteria. The best places to live, according to them are at CityHomes townhomes because of it’s proximity to shops and parks. OK, I like City Homes…I like most of the other neighborhoods too. I think that enjoying a good walk is pretty subjective, but this is still kind of a fun site and I thought I should pass it along.

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